Heroin Addiction and Dependence

Heroin is considered to be one of the most dangerous drugs. Numerous studies have proven the fact that heroin poses serious risks to health of people. People, who use heroin for a long time become dependent on it in the end. So, they can’t live without the drug. The more time people take heroin – the more difficult for them to refuse from it. Heroin addicts have a lot of serious health problems. The drug provides long-lasting effect on health of people.

Once people start using heroin they get an initial pleasure. At the beginning stages, the drug improves the mood and provides people with good feelings. As a rule, people decide to try more heroin don’t think about the negative consequences of the drug at the beginning.

Afterwards, a body will be tolerant to heroin. This means that a person will need to take more heroin to get pleasure and positive emotions. The point is that a human body quickly gets used to any drug if it is taken on a regular basis. Actually, the tolerance is the first stage of the disease. People usually don’t see any negative effects of the drug on their health at this stage. Nevertheless, the disease has already begun to develop. People like the feeling that they have after taking the drug. So, they consume more and more drugs.

As a result, a person becomes dependent on heroin. At this stage, a person understands that he/she needs to take heroin regularly. When people are dependent on the drug, they no longer take it for pleasure. They can’t live without heroin normally. So, they need to take the drug to feel normal. If a person doesn’t take heroin they will experience withdrawal symptoms such as headache, chronic itching, nausea and vomiting, sweats and chills, weakness and unexplained pain. When people are dependent on heroin they have a desire to take it more and more. Heroin use weakens an immune system significantly. So, drug addicts suffer from various diseases.

Drug addicts become irresponsible people. They think only about drugs and don’t take responsibility for their family, work, etc. It is difficult for such people to stop taking heroin on their own. That’s why they ask specialists for help and participate in a drug recovery treatment program.

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Heroin Addiction Causes Liver Damage

Numerous medical studies have shown that heroin addiction causes a serious damage to the liver. The scientists of Facta Universitatis have recently studied how heroin abuse and addiction affects the liver. The scientists have realized that the liver of a heroin addict is seriously damaged. Almost all people who have been taking heroin for a long time experience various problems with their liver.

The liver is an organ that plays a key role in the body functioning. It performs many important functions. The liver removes the toxins from the blood. The liver produces bile that is required for turning the food into nutrients. Nutrients are used by a body for growing and repairing cells. Moreover, a body transforms nutrients into energy. So, we can come to the point that the liver is very important for human digestive system.

The liver is also responsible for producing the cholesterol in a body. As it is known, cholesterol is required for normal body functioning. Sugars are also stored in the liver. Then a body transforms sugars into energy.

Heroin is considered to be very toxic drug. When people take heroin a lot of toxins get into a body. As a result, the liver begins to clean the organism from toxins. When people take heroin for a long period of time their livers are seriously damaged. The more time drug addicts take heroin, the more serious damage it causes to their livers. Heroin addiction can result in hepatitis and other negative consequences.

If the liver of a drug addict is in the early stage of the illness then its damage can be prevented. However, it is also very important for a person to stop using heroin and get the effective treatment immediately. Using heroin for a long period of time may have long-lasting effect on the liver and health of a drug addict. So, if a person stops using the drug it will take a lot of time for the liver to recover. It is very important to stop taking heroin in time to avoid various liver problems and other health problems.



How Heroin Addiction Affects the Brain

Numerous researches have proven the fact that heroin addiction has a negative impact on the activity of the human brain. Moreover, drug addiction has a powerful and permanent effect on brain. Heroin may have a destructive effect on the brain.

The scientists from the University of Edinburgh have studied how heroin addiction affects the brain. They researched the brain of people who have been taken heroin for a long period of time. The average age of drug abusers, who participated in the study was 26 years old. The study has shown the shocking results: despite the fact that drug abusers didn’t have any head injuries, their brains were seriously damaged. Other studies have also confirmed the fact that brain can be damaged both by injected and smoked heroin abuse.

People who take heroin quickly begin to feel overall weakness. They also often suffer from spastic attacks. Studies show that heroin affects the brain of a person significantly even if small amount of drug is injected. When a person takes the drug, the level of blood oxygen in his/her body decreases significantly. As a result, the brain begins to experience the lack of oxygen. This results in numerous negative consequences.

When heroin gets into a body it quickly begins to affect synapses in the brain. The brain’s reward circuitry is activated. That’s why a person begins to feel intense pleasure. A person quickly becomes dependent on the drug. It is very difficult for drug addicts to stop taking heroin. Even small doses of the drug can make huge changes in the brain. Heroin has a negative effect on the memory of people. People who take heroin also have problems with concentration. They can’t make decisions. Heroin has a long-lasting effect on the brain.

It is important to say that brain changes caused by heroin addiction are long-lasting or they can be even permanent. So, if a person stops taking heroin it may take a lot of time before his/her brain will manage to recover. Heroin is known for its toxic effect on the brain. This means that neurons in the brain are destroyed and can’t be replaced. It may take several months or even several years for brain to recover from heroin.

Think about all the long-term damage it can do, and help those who are deep in the mire.

How Heroin Addiction Affects Health of People

Drugs such as heroin consist of chemicals which can seriously affect health of people. Heroin addiction can result in numerous health problems. First, heroin blocks the activity of the brain to sense pain. Moreover, heroin can affect the body in different ways. People who take heroin or other drugs can seriously undermine their health – sicknesses, STD’s, sleep and nutrition deprivation… it’s a long list. Drug abuse often results in long-lasting health problems. So, even if a person stops taking heroin he/she can experience health problems for a long period of time. Taking heroin may also result in permanent health problems. Here, we are going to talk about the most common health issues which are caused by heroin addiction.

Heroin Has a Negative Impact on Behavior of People
Heroin has a negative influence on the central nervous system. People who take heroin are usually very aggressive and can go out of control easily. They also suffer from paranoia and have hallucinations. People who take heroin for a long period of time get used to using and the lifestyle that they become drug addicts. Such people can’t live without taking drugs. The more time people take heroin the more it is difficult for them to stop taking the drug.

Heroin Affects the Brain Seriously
As it has already been said, heroin has a negative influence on the activity of brain. Taking heroin causes euphoria, but the drug also affects the ability of a person to make a decision. Heroin has a negative influence on the concentration of a person. People who take drugs suffer from various problems with memory. The person becomes dependent on drugs. If a person takes heroin or other drugs then his or her brain’s “reward” circuit is affected. As a result, the limbic system is affected as well. Special attention should be drawn to the fact that taking the drug results in permanent brain damage.

Drug Abuse Causes a Lot of Serious Health Problems
Heroin is very dangerous and affects almost each part of a human body. People who take heroin regularly have a lot of health problems. Drug abuse will certainly result in weakening an immune system. That’s why people who take drugs often, suffer from various diseases and infections.

The drug affects the human cardiovascular system seriously as well. That’s why people who take heroin usually suffer from various heart diseases. Heroin is known as the drug that increases the risk of heart attacks significantly. Taking injected drugs also results in collapsed veins. Drug addicts also often suffer from infections of the blood vessels and heart valves.

When several drug addicts use the same syringe for making drug injections the risk of spreading various diseases and infections increases significantly. The statistics shows that a great number of drug addicts are HIV infected.

Drug abuse can also cause such health issues as abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. Heroin addiction is especially dangerous for the liver. When a person takes the drug his/her liver begins to work intensively. It is very dangerous. Drug abuse can cause serious damage to the liver or even can result in liver failure.

Drug abuse also has many other serious health problems. A body of a drug addict may experience big changes. For example, if a man takes drugs, he can actually develop breasts. Very often, body temperature increases when people are taking drugs. Drug addicts also suffer from appetite problems.

Heroin is Very Dangerous for Pregnant Women
Heroin and other drugs pose a serious risk to pregnant women and their fetus. No doubt that drug abuse is harmful to pregnancy. If a pregnant woman takes heroin or other drugs then her baby may have birth defects and serious health problems.

If you see any of these symptoms within people that you know, please take action to stop them from further damage.

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